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Business Automation

Allow customers to view and pay bills on your website.  Share photos and videos to customers.

Single Sign on

With our client portals, your customers only need one login to do everything with your business online.

Automated Billing

You have the ability to send invoices to your customers all online. Gone are the days of sending credit card information over the phone. If you offer services with recurring payments you can have our software automatically charge their credit card.

Photo Galleries

You are able to set up photo galleries assigned to each of your clients or public. Clients can then simply go to your website and review photos while also being able to order and comment on them.

Secure File Sharing

You are able to easily share files with your clients and easily set permissions based on what you want.  You may also choose to allow your clients to upload there own files in an organized way.

Project Managment

When you work on projects it is important that you keep everything organized.  You can easily upload and share files while communicated with your clients in an organized fashion.

Support Tickets

It is important that you have an easy way for your clients to communicate with you. This is why a ticketing system that can easily be sorted is essential. Everything is also all chained together preventing you from having to sort out 100s of emails.

Form Builder

You are able to set up online forms in a simple drag and drop interface.

SMS Notifications

Many customers will prefer to receive their alerts by text message. With this, you are able to send out alerts to all of your customers about a promotion you may have.

Membership Sites

With this service, you are able to offer pages to paid only subscribers making it really easy to set up a membership program.

As file sizes are increasing every day it is important that you have room to store everything that you need. That is why our plans start out at 50 GB of storage.

Many businesses do not have a good online presence. Our goal is to give everybody the chance to get their business online. Many customers prefer doing everything online but businesses haven't had the chance to do it until now.

If you need more storage or custom plans please feel free to Contact Us.


$ 40
per month
  • Perfect for anybody that wants client logins using current web site hosting.
  • 50 GB Storage

  • Unmetered Data Transfer

Business Plus

$ 49
per month
  • Get a discount when you host client portals and web hosting

  • 50 GB Storage

  • Unmetered Data Transfer

  • Includes Basic Hosting plan