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Online Tickets


Do you need a simple way to sell tickets online?  Whether you have a large event with reserved seating or a simple gate admission we can provide you with what you need.


Who wants to wait in long lines?
You can allow your customers to purchase tickets on there smartphone and immediately get them scanned for entrance without any delay.


Your customers expect your site to be easy to use and responsive for both mobile and desktop experiences.  This is where we come in providing you a hosted solution for your ticket sales.


We understand that downtime is not an option when you are online.  This is why we run multiple servers in a cluster preventing the site from going down from most server failures.


When you host events with us we will worry about making sure it can handle your demand. We want to ensure that our site is running smoothly for all clients.

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We can easily get your event online benefiting both the clients and host. We will set up your event with whatever needs you to have. Whether it is general admission or reserved seating. You can also set different pricing based on where the seats are.

Have you ever wondered how you can shorten the long lines of people waiting to get tickets? Now you can allow your customers to simply go to your website and make a purchase all in real time. Once a customer purchases a ticket they will get an email confirmation within seconds allowing them to walk to the gate and have their ticket scanned.

We allow you to customize your tickets letting you sell advertisements as well as event information. A QR code and Barcode are also put on the ticket allowing you to scan people in using a laptop or smartphone. If you want to prevent people from sharing their ticket with others you can limit the number of check-ins each ticket can get. After somebody is scanned you can stamp them allowing them and only them back into the event.

Our ticket pricing typically starts at $1 + 5% per ticket allowing you to easily get your event online. We do however offer discounted pricing for larger events. Please contact us if you are interested.